Tech Partners: How to Find the One

Julieta García

Julieta García

Head of Communications & Marketing @NeoCoast
Tech Partners: How to Find the One


Choosing the right tech partner can be tough. We are talking about a partnership that could either make or break your business. Having the perfect tech partner can help you step up your game, stay ahead of your competition, and improve your development process by 100%.

In this blog post, we'll discuss the essentials, based on our experience, of an ideal tech partner.


Without the necessary skills, there is no relationship that could last, that’s why expertise is the basic requirement of your ideal tech partner. You will be looking for someone with a deep understanding of your industry, your business goals, and the technologies required to achieve them. Read the company’s case studies or success stories, get to know its current clients and their needs, and make sure those projects were highly rated. Look for those who can prove that their work is valuable, cost-effective, and can help you optimize your investments.

Cultural Fit

The second quality you should be looking for, and maybe as important as the first one, is cultural fit. Work with those who will understand your work ethic and share the same values at heart. Most of the time you will be working with remote teams across the globe, so you’ll need to find people who are willing to share, adapt and follow procedures in a proactive way. Bear in mind that adjusting teams may take some time in the beginning, but if the cultural fit is the right one, this will save you time and money when things get rough.

Effective Communication

Effective communication is essential to keep a healthy project. Make sure your in-house team and outsourced teams can communicate smoothly. Find a way to organize your team by following communication procedures and providing regular updates. For this purpose, we recommend strong project management skills and following agile methodologies. This will make communication with your tech and non-technical teams so much easier. Any challenges they face or issues that need to be fixed can be overcome with strong communication skills.


Okay, reliability is hard to assure before getting into work. But, you can still double-check how long their relationships with their clients have been. Your ideal tech partner will assure that the performance of your app and their team will not let you down. Check timezones, after-hour company policies, goals, and make sure to ask the right questions to see how they have handled challenging situations with other clients. Mistakes will happen, so make sure the team you are working with is willing to stop any crisis.


We don’t know if there’s one single ideal tech partner, but there’s one for you. By checking expertise, cultural fit, communication skills, and reliability, you could solve problems even before starting the actual work. Ask for recommendations, do your research, and ask the right questions. Choosing the right partner for you could be the beginning of a long-lasting relationship that could benefit both of you. That’s what we strive for at NeoCoast.